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Since 2002, St Alban's has been a participating church in the Artizo Apprenticeship Program. This is a great initiative based on the Australian Ministry Training Strategy. "Artizo" comes from the Greek word, meaning "to equip", and this is in essence the goal of the program. We seek to train up and equip young leaders as they prepare for full-time Christian ministry by allowing them to serve the body of Christ here at St Alban's.

The Artizo Apprenticeship is designed to equip these young men and women with enhanced skills in leadership and ministry. Artizo focuses on relational and personal learning, in which positive mentoring and active participation are both vital aspects of the experience.

Each trainee must submit a paper each week, and read through a series of textbooks during their internship. They work through a syllabus, which aims at training in three areas - convictions, character and competencies.

There are then eight training goals which spring from these:

  1. That the interns would become students of the Bible — Learn God’s word through personal Bible study, teaching others and being taught.
  2. That they would think theologically — Learn to think godly thoughts about everything, relate the knowledge of God to personal, ministry and intellectual issues.
  3. That they be devoted to prayer and holiness — Develop integrity through a life of faith, hope and love. Respond to the mercies of Christ through godliness.
  4. That they be servants of others — Develop the attitudes and abilities to work with people. Build godly relationships and learn how to love others like Christ.
  5. That they learn to evangelize boldly — Learn how to share the gospel, and follow up in personal and corporate situations.
  6. That they be trained in how to teach the Bible — Learn how to impart the word of God to others in personal, small group and public settings to children, youth and adults.
  7. That they be equipped to train others to minister — Learn how to multiply individual efforts by passing the ministry to others.
  8. That they become leaders, innovators and strategists — Learn to take risks in initiating ministries, breaking new ground for Christ.

Our goal is that graduates will emerge as gifted leaders — communicating the gospel of Christ with strength, conviction, and passion.



David Alexander (2002-3) - David is now studying at Wycliffe College in Toronto. David and his wife Ann, and two children, Molly and George, just returned from a summer missions trip to New Mexico.

Brian de Visser (2003-4) - Brian is also studying at Wycliffe College in Toronto. Brian and his wife Sarah are excited to be new parents with the arrival of their daughter Anna.

Nat Bigsworth (2003-4) - Nat remains on staff with us at St Alban's as a full-time Pastoral Assistant, continuing in many of the ministries she was involved in as an Artizo intern.

Eric Melby (2004-5) - Having graduated from St Paul's University, Eric stayed on over the summer as a Pastoral Assistant, but is leaving us to be ordained and serve in the Diocese of Caledonia, BC. Eric will be the priest of the Regional Parish of Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, and Fraser Lake. Eric takes with him his wife Barbara and their new son Kristian.

Ben Vanderheide (2005-6) - Ben is currently in the full time Artizo I program.  He is considering what school to apply for next year. 

Tosh Sinclair (2006) - Tosh will begin Artizo II in January.