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ANCIENT – Anglicanism is Christian. Therefore the Author and Perfecter of our faith is Jesus Christ. Humanly speaking, the Gospel came by missionaries to the British Isles almost 1900 years ago. The Anglican Way comes in unbroken succession from that first bringing of the Gospel.

WORLD WIDE – From the British Isles the Anglican Way has spread around the globe, embraced by many races, languages and people groups. There are over 70 million Anglicans worldwide. Canadian Anglicans make up less than 1% of all Anglicans.

ORTHODOX – The Anglican Way involves accepting as true the great foundational creeds (Apostles, Nicene, Athanasion) and definitions (Chalcedonian) of Christianity.

REFORMED – The Anglican Way was profoundly shaped by the Reformation. The English Reformers accepted the best teaching of the classic European reformers such as Calvin, Luther and Zwingli while maintaining those features of Catholic life which were in harmony with the Bible.

BIBLICAL – The Bible is God’s word written. It is to be the basis of doctrine, worship and spirituality. We are to “read, mark, learn and inwardly digest it” to grow.

LITURGICAL – The Anglican Way involves corporate worship that is liturgical. Ancient and contemporary prayers and forms guide us as we worship together. This provides a healthy balance of scripture, preaching, repentance, prayer, singing and communion.

PERSONAL – Each person on the Anglican Way is to come to saving faith, trusting Jesus as Saviour and following Him as Lord. We are to grow in our surrender to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. We are to practice classic and contemporary Christ honouring spiritual disciplines. We share the Gospel with others in the hope that they to will become followers of Jesus.

FREEDOM – The Anglican Way values freedom. We are free to get involved in the Christian community at our own pace. Free to read widely. Free to worship in both liturgical and unstructured ways. Free to use our gifts and talents to serve others to the glory of God.

GREAT – The Anglican Way is a great way to grow into a confident, joyful disciple of Jesus Christ. It is the way followed by John Donne, C.S.Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, J.I. Packer and John Stott. We invite you to join us!