Welcome to St. Alban's Anglican Church. We are an evangelical church that believes in the Bible as the ultimate authority for our lives. We seek to help ordinary people become confident, joyful, disciples of Christ. We strive to be a church which evangelizes; builds community, especially through small groups; practices every member ministry; raises up new generations of disciples; worships with traditional and contemporary music; makes a difference in our homes, community, diocese and the world.

St Alban's stands in alliance with Essentials Canada. We wish to remain in the worldwide Anglican Communion. We embrace and live by our orthodox Anglican heritage. It is our aim to arise, build, and step forward in strength and courage, in obedience to the word of God and in submission to the Holy Spirit. In the face of the growing crisis in the Anglican Church of Canada, we seek a way forward which is faithful to God. Our prayer is that day-by-day our Lord God would renew us by his Holy Spirit and reform us by His Holy Word so that all that is within us may bless his holy name.

Please take a look around our site. St.Alban's has many ministries,including Men's and Women's groups, a College and Careers group, prayer groups, as well as our regular Sunday Services. You can also check out our Same Sex Blessing page, which will give you lots of information about where St Alban's stands and what is happening in the Anglican Church of Canada. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or e-mail the office (contact details are at the bottom of each page). We hope to see you at one of our Sunday services soon!




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Easy and Helpful Roof Maintenance Tips

The advantages of having a steady roof over your head are not debatable. Your roof protects your home from any damages, and it gives the inhabitants a feeling of security and comfort. Any roof related disasters do not only cause you money to replace, but it also disrupts the serenity of the inhabitants. http://www.aclark.ca/calgary/ Calgary roofing contractors will tell you that maintaining a roof is crucial. Even if your roof is old, certain simple maintenance procedures will increase the lifespan of your roof.

Here are significant roof maintenance practices:

Inspect your roof twice a year and after every storm

The primary method of maintaining your roof is checking it regularly. This is because any problem is detected early before it turns to be a major issue. During the inspection, check for any broken tiles or any the other primary defect. You can always inspect it during fall and in the spring. A ladder and binoculars will help in checking for any debris or gouges. If you feel you cannot do the inspection, hire a roofing contractor to do it.

Replace damaged tiles and shingles

Many people assume that a missing shingle or tile will do no harm. Well, this is a misconception because such a minor problem can cause adverse effects. Thus, always fix any shingle or tile as soon as you can.

Trim overhanging tree branches

While carrying out the inspection, look out for trees growing very close to the roof. Such trees can pose a significant problem if not handled well. The trees release leaves which in turn accumulate on the ceiling and hold moisture onto the ceiling. The moisture that is captured by the debris may cause damages to the roof, such as decay.

Always remove snow from the roof

If your house is in a locality where snow is a common occurrence, then snow removal should be at your fingertips; never forget it. Snow can be massive at times, causing roof damage due to the excess weight. Also, freezing and thawing of snow on the rooftop may lead to ice back up, and that may damage the shingles.

Clear all debris on the roof

You might have to clean all debris from the rooftop before they accumulate and cause problems. Remove all leaves, pine needles, dirt and all kind of debris using a rake. Such dirt may rot on the roof thus causing damage to the shingles.

Replace roof sealants promptly

Inspect the places where the sealant is used. If the sealant shows signs of tear and wear such as cracks, clear it and replace with fresh sealant.

Don't allow growth of mildew and mold

Dark spots on the roof are a sign of mildew and mold. With time, the mold may manage to get into your roofing tile and consequently cause harm to the underlying roof. If your roof has mold growing on it, clear it off soonest possible. Those with new roofs ought to place zinc strips at the roof's peak. Every time it rains, the zinc is washed off and thus preventing mold and mildew from thriving.